Everything You Need To Know About KETO!

Since KETO has become the latest in healthy eating, it’s important to gather as much information you can before changing your eating regimen. Many people, even celebrities, praise the benefits and results of the KETO Diet. If you are thinking of changing to a more healthy lifestyle, maybe this diet is for you. But first, let’s go over a profile of the Ketogenic Diet:

#1 - The “Ketogenic Diet” is all about minimizing carbs, while increasing fats.

#2 - After about 2-7 days, following this eating routine, you go into a state of ketosis, meaning that your body is deficient of carbs to use for energy.

#3 - When Ketosis occurs, it makes more ketones (organic compounds) that your body uses to replace these missing carbs.

#4 - For energy, a body typically uses 60-75% of calories from fat, 15-30% protein, and 5-10% from carbs.

#5 - Your body then burns more fat for more energy.

7 Tips To Get Into Ketosis

According to Healthline, here are seven tips to get your body into the state of Ketosis:

1.  Minimize Your Carb Consumption.

2.  Include Coconut Oil in Your Diet.

3.  Ramp up Your Physical Activity.

4.  Increase Your Healthy Fat Intake.

5.  Try a Short Fast or a Fat Fast.

6.  Maintain Adequate Protein Intake.

7.  Test Ketone Levels and Adjust Your Diet as Needed.

But Wait, There's More!

Of course no diet profile is complete without a beginning shopping list . Check out the shopping list below!

If you decide The KETO Diet is for you, or if you have tried it out already, please comment and let us know about your experience!


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