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Secrets To Surviving Back To School Mania: Teacher Edition!

The children are coming! The children are coming!  It's a brand-new school year, full of new opportunities . Proper preparation as teachers and administrators can ensure student success without as much stress and with better classroom organizational skills, management skills, and helpful tips and advice .  This blog post will be the first in a series throughout the school year to provide helpful information for teachers and administrators that will be informative, yet brief so as to not take up too much of an already hectic school year schedule.  The main purpose of today's blog post is to provide some much needed Back To School resources and tips for both new teachers and veteran teachers alike . Let's begin with some statistics on how teachers in general are fairing .  Although these statistics are sobering, please realize that teaching is in fact "A Calling".  Those of us who remain in the world of Education choose to remain because of our love