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Top 10 Herbs You Can Grow In Water!

If you are anything like me, you must enjoy fresh herbs with your delicious, healthy dishes. So how can you grow your own herbs without dealing with the messiness of soil and fertilizers? Easy! Find herbs that grow easily in water! Even better than that, why not find an attractive vase to grow the herbs to place on your windowsill? Stems of perennial herbs grow roots in glasses or jars of plain water, which will add to your kitchen décor as well as producing new leaves and buds to use in fresh dishes, even through cold Winter months. How is this possible? Well…Annual herbs are designed by nature to grow one season, then produce seeds, and finally die. Perennials will keep coming back and producing more leaves, so long as you keep pinching off the older leaves as they grow and develop to full size.  Top 10 Herbs To Grow In Water  Oregano – Place the fresh cuttings of oregano in water and pinch the growing tips as the herb grows. Basil

New Kezzie's Konfections Coffee Mugs!

After receiving such an AWESOME response on the Kezzie's Konfections T-shirts, I decided to add a classy coffee mug to the collection!  To order T-shirts and coffee mugs, go to the Kezzie's Konfections Store . 

Kezzie’s Konfections Blog Featured On “Women With Gifts International” Website!

I feel so honored to be featured on the “Women With Gifts International” Website! Thank you for your support! Women With Gifts International Link: #BlackGirlsWrite      #BrownGirlsWrite For BLGWR/BRGWR T-Shirt Orders, Link Below:  

New Kezzie's Konfections T-Shirts!

Inspiring Girls Of Color To Claim The Art Of Written Expression 💕🖋💕🖋💕 🌸For orders: "Black Girls Write" "Brown Girls Write"

Introducing Kezzie’s Konfections Hand-Crafted, All Natural, Organic Sugar Scrubs And Fragrances!

Kezzie’s Konfections Hand-Crafted Sugar Scrubs feature ONLY natural essential oils and Organic sugar. Unlike most store bought scrubs, my scrubs have NO chemical additives. After using my body scrubs, your skin will look and feel more nourished, smooth, and youthful. Each scrub contains at least three complimentary, all natural essential oil fragrances that combine to lift your mood, promote wellness, energize, and relax you. It is the perfect addition to your beauty routine!  In addition to the scrubs, I also create 10 ml roll on fragrances to pair with each scrub. Fragrances can be bought separately, or along with the scrub for a discount. Check below for my most popular fragrances! Sweet Orange Dreamsicle  This All Natural, Organic Sugar Scrub features Sweet Orange Essential Oil which energizes and promotes happiness and is complimented, among other oils, by hints of Exotic Vanilla Essential Oil which promotes relaxation and a healthy libido. Prices Sweet Or