Introducing Kezzie’s Konfections Hand-Crafted, All Natural, Organic Sugar Scrubs And Fragrances!

Kezzie’s Konfections Hand-Crafted Sugar Scrubs feature ONLY natural essential oils and Organic sugar. Unlike most store bought scrubs, my scrubs have NO chemical additives. After using my body scrubs, your skin will look and feel more nourished, smooth, and youthful. Each scrub contains at least three complimentary, all natural essential oil fragrances that combine to lift your mood, promote wellness, energize, and relax you. It is the perfect addition to your beauty routine! 

In addition to the scrubs, I also create 10 ml roll on fragrances to pair with each scrub. Fragrances can be bought separately, or along with the scrub for a discount.

Check below for my most popular fragrances!

Sweet Orange Dreamsicle 

This All Natural, Organic Sugar Scrub features Sweet Orange Essential Oil which energizes and promotes happiness and is complimented, among other oils, by hints of Exotic Vanilla Essential Oil which promotes relaxation and a healthy libido.


Sweet Orange Dreamsicle Scrub — $15

Sweet Orange Dreamsicle Fragrance - $10

Set (Both Scrub and Fragrance) - $20

Lemongrass Glamour 

This All Natural, Organic Sugar Scrub features Lemongrass Essential Oil which purifies and relieves tension and is complimented, among other oils, by hints of Bergamot Essential Oil which promotes wellness and uplifts mood.


Lemongrass Glamour Scrub — $15

Lemongrass Glamour Fragrance - $10

Set (Both Scrub and Fragrance) - $20

Please let me know if you would like a customized fragrance or sugar scrub. I will be happy to craft one just to your liking!

To order my fragrances and scrubs, please contact me at:


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