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New Video! 5 Amazing Benefits Of Blood Oranges!

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Challenge Accepted! Take On The Ultimate Summer Bucket List!

Welcome, Summer!! Most certainly my favorite time of year!  Finally, an opportunity to get outside (and stay outside) as often as possible. To make this the BEST Summer Ever, I have compiled the Ultimate Summer Bucket Lists for kids, college students, and adults for 2019.  Check out the infographics below to take full advantage of the long days and warm nights. Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Kids (Mom's Cheat Sheet!) Ultimate Summer Bucket List For College Students! Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Adults ! More Summer Fun Tips! I hope you have blast taking advantage of these buckets lists.   With a little advanced planning and flexibility, you will be sure to make this an EPIC summer to remember! For Summer traveling tips, check out my article on  Emergency Roadside Car Kits . I am Kezzie Rudd-Walton, the creator of Kezzie's Konfections, my Lifestyle Blog that also offers for sa