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Chlorophyll: Key Benefits For Humans!

Benefits Of Chlorophyll We all undoubtedly learned about Photosynthesis and the importance of Chlorophyll as it relates to plants back in Science class in grade school. But did you know that Chlorophyll has many surprising benefits for humans? What is Chlorophyll?  Chlorophyll is responsible for the absorption of light during the process of Photosynthesis; which in turn, creates energy. Both plants and humans need energy to sustain life. Chlorophyll Sources What are the best sources of Chlorophyll on the planet? Leafy green vegetables and algae of course! These include green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and Swiss chard that are consumed raw and preferably uncooked or cooked as little as possible to preserve all of those healthy nutrients. For me, in addition to eating leafy green veggies, I also take a liquid Chlorophyll supplement. I take 1-3 drops per day with a full glass of water. Other Chlorophyllin supplements such as Chlorella are