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Over 200 Must-Have Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Everyone!

Sometimes the most challenging part of shopping is finding great, but useful items for stocking stuffers. There are so many small gadgets and unique odds and ends that can fill a stocking to the brim. But why not get some items that can actually be enjoyable? To make this process easier for us all, I have found an excellent list of products well-suited for stocking-stuffing!  Click here for downloadable list! Click here  for money-saving Holiday shopping tips! Sources:

5 Money Saving Holiday Shopping Tips!

It’s official! Black Friday has kicked off the beginning of Holiday shopping. If you're an early bird like me, you may have already checked off the majority of your shopping list . But I’m sure many of you have just begun to shorten that list. Such is life!  I don’t need to tell you the Christmas Holiday season can be extremely expensive. Much money will be spent on gadgets, decorations, apparel, keepsakes, etc. Although I routinely spend into the thousands during the Christmas season, this year I saved a huge amount of money (hundreds of dollars) using these money saving shopping tips! 5 Money Saving Christmas Shopping Tips! #1  The Most Obvious — Sit Down and Make A List  When you think about it, wouldn’t be counterproductive to shop aimlessly for an indefinite number of friends and family? Make a list and check it THRICE! With so many products and endless discounts, it’s easy to get confused while your in full shopping mode, w

Thanksgiving and Yoga? 10 Poses For Stress Relief!

Feeling Thanksgiving stress yet? I always feel stressed as this holiday approaches. Between the kids, cleaning, pets, cooking, traveling, and shopping, I feel so much pressure to get so much done in such a short amount of time. Add the work requirements of an Educator, and my anxiety level is sure to climb. Everyone has their own problems and stresses during the holidays.  The key is to find healthy ways to cope. After all, we stress so much because we want our families to have the perfect Thanksgiving experience. When we have a great time with family and friends, wondrous memories are made. But we don't have to suffer physically or emotionally to make those memories. How To Cope! Is there a way for us to deal with      Thanksgiving stress? You bet! This year, you can join me in trying a holistic approach to stress relief. Let’s do Yoga! Check out some quick, simple Yoga poses that will give you the skills to cope with the stresses of Thanksgiving. Check out

The Ultimate List Of 10 Vitamins And Supplements For Flawless Skin!

    Want advice on how to get beautiful, smooth, supple skin? There are so many vitamins and supplements out there that will improve the appearance of your skin naturally. Read on for the ultimate list of 10 of the most skin nourishing vitamins and supplements! Top 10 Natural Resources For Flawless Skin! #1 Collagen Helps to keep skin supple and smooth. Increases elasticity and hydration and may reduce wrinkles.   #2 Vitamin D Can treat certain skin conditions such as psoriasis. Involved in the process of the growing and maturing of skin cells.   #3 Fish Oil Great source of Omega-3s!   Can help to smooth inflammation and protect the skin from UV damage and cancer. Can improve inflammatory acne.   #4 Bone Broth Can help to reduce inflammation related to acne, rosacea, dermatitis, or psoriasis. Improves skin elasticity and hydration due to high collagen content.   #5 Biotin Hair loss and s

8 Blood Building Foods To Fight Anemia!

Have you been feeling lethargic lately?  Have you experienced unexplained headaches or chest pain?  You could be Iron deficient. Watch my video below to learn more about Anemia, and natural ways to "build the blood" with nutrition .