Hot Chocolate: History, Health Benefits, And Tasty Recipes!

Hot, Chocolaty, and Healthy? Hot cocoa could do more than just keep you warm on a cold Winter night. Chocolate has many antioxidants that could have the ability to prevent cardiovascular disease and help the body fight against free radicals that can damage cells. Cocoa is full of Flavonoids, which are compounds produced by plants. Researchers believe Flavonoids may have health benefits, especially for the heart and blood pressure. 

Hot Chocolate's Ancient Origins 

Historically, it is believed that the Mayans first made hot cocoa over 2000 years ago, which was a mixture of cocoa seed paste, water, cornmeal, and chili peppers and originally served cold. Years later, the Aztec version, which became a vital part of their culture around 1400 AD, was a bitter, spicy drink that was believed to have medicinal properties, to fight fatigue, and enhance mood. Eventually, hot chocolate became popular in Europe after it was introduced to the New World. Most European recipes used sugar instead of chili pepper to create a sweet tasting beverage that was a luxury product that only the wealthy could afford. It was only in the 1800’s that cocoa powder was developed in the Netherlands and sold as the delicious beverage that is now available to everyone today.

Easy Hot Chocolate Recipes

So, how many ways can we make hot chocolate? Apparently, as many ways as our imagination can provide. Take a look below at some simple, delicious hot cocoa recipes! Drink up!

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